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What states allow RN's to pronounce death? And under what circumstances? Does anyone have any websites or any lists? Thanks, Daisey... Read More

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    Quote from racing-mom4
    I didnt finish reading all the posts so this may have been answered---but if the death was unexpected and you have to wait till day for Dr, what do you do with the body?? That just seems odd, like ok maybe he is not really dead--cause i have to wait for a Dr to officially say so... so lets just shut the curtain and wait till tomorrow for Dr to arrive?? I know you didnt make that rule, but to me it seems silly.
    If we had an unexpected death at night then we would call out the doctor immediately.The practice of us verifying death at night is to save the on call doctor, who is covering a very large area,from travelling all the way just to certify a death when he may be needed miles away for an emergency.

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    Anybody ever mispronounce someone? I have known a few nurses that have called the family and informed then only to find that somehow the patient is back alive. Granted in every case that I have heard this was only temporary and the patient quickly coded again.
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    delaware, like many other states, allows the rn to pronounce in hospice situations.
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    Quote from classicdame
    In Texas two RN's may pronouce death, also Justice of the Peace!
    I still need someone to officiate my wedding... any 2 nurses available?

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    Dear Racing-Mom4: There is a difference between "pronouncement" and "certification" of death. RN's can pronounce death (under certain circumstances and per hospital policy), notify the MD, prep the body for the morgue, complete the paper work. The physician then certifies the death at a later time. Nothing gruesome, you don't hang on to the body for the physician to check your findings.
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    At three facilities I've worked in PA (LTC / Rehabs / AL), an RN could pronounce.
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    Interesting, I never knew that some states allowed an RN to pronounce. I have never been around alot of death as a nurse (mainly peds), but the times I have seen pt's die expectantly, in the middle of the night, the RN is waiting around for the "DR to pronounce."
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    NC- my stepfather died 2 days ago in hospice- 2 RNs did chest auscultation to verify no heart beat, then called TOD.
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    In Vermont in LTC one RN can pronounce with MD order.
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    I know it says States but just felt like answering!

    In Ontario, one nurse to pronounce death in the case that it is expected (ex. DNR, palliative) but it has to be with a doctors order and depends on the patient. Sometimes a patient dies (DNR) and I call the doctor to explain the background history and get the order to pronounce and send off to the morgue.

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