What references do you you use?

  1. My nursing program wants you to keep some of your old books from your prereqs. I borrowed the texts for my Nutrition and Development course and will be giving them back in two weeks. Long story short, I hate the texts and I wonder what references everyone here uses for nutrition and development? Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   pandora44
    I understand why they want you to save your texts, but honestly, I wouldn't bother. You'll be able to find anything you need on the internet quicker than you can find it in the textbook. After I graduated, I never look an my textbooks again. I wish I gotten rid of them years ago. Also, if they want you to buy a medical dictionary, I'd pass. It's heavy and expensive and you can find it all online.
  4. by   MesaRN
    I second the don't bother to save texts. Most text are out of date by the time there are printed. DO NOT buy a med dictionary, the web is quicker and with more info. Also it saves money to buy the later edition than the "newest" when it comes to texts. This stuff is not changing by leaps and bounds every 2 years. I know the feeling of being in school and wanting to have every reference. I now teach students and don't go anywhere near a text book. Best reference I actually use now is a drug book on my iphone (its epocrates and its free). Net is full of free up to date info as long as you know how to distill it.
  5. by   systoly
    Previous supervisors, admins, DONs. etc.