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I came across some job descriptions on nursing job postings say things like "provide quality care to patients and their families" "Use the nursing process of assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning,... Read More

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    Finder of TV channels! For sure!

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    Quote from WeepingAngel
    Finder of TV channels! For sure!
    I recently had a confused gentleman whose normal home routine was watching a couple old TV programs and a game show. He knew the channel numbers on his cable at home....but ours was naturally different, and with fewer channels.

    Anyway my first morning with him, I managed to find his game show just as it was starting. He gave a big smile....then promptly fell asleep for the whole show. That's nursing for you.

    He was one of the patients I had a chance to get to know a bit, and I really enjoyed him.
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    Somehow a lot of patients' families seem to think my job description includes "physician control".
    They are genuinely surprised that I don't know were the MD is at all times when they come to visit and want an MD update immediately.
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