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What is the HESI Test?????

  1. 0 Im currently Applying for a nursing 2 yr assoc. program at my community college.
    They are requesting that I take a 'Hesi" test.
    Can you guys please enlighten me on what will be on this test??
    Is it stricly science/biology questions??
    Or will there be all topics included such as math, english, etc?
    How do I prepare myself for this test?
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    have you googled it? plenty of responses.

    here is a good one:

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    Its to test your nursing knowledge??
    But Why are they requiring that I take it BEFORE I enter the program?
    I dont know anything about nursing.. until I actually enter the program and learn..
    Im a bit confused..
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    It is a basic entry test. It all depends on your program but for mine, they only take the math and reading scores from the test with emphasis on the reading portion. From what I have heard it is pretty basic math and reading.
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    Ohh I see.
    good stuff..
    Im pretty bad at math tho..