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I am a nursing major and was told by a PA that I should forget nursing and become a PA. I explained that I felt the scope of practice was entirely different. I explained I felt I had more opportunities in nursing than as a PA... Read More

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    why be irritated just do not respond is all

    as far as PAs they are just there to do a job. and most do not make more than I do.

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    Quote from VivaRN
    There is a thread and more discussion on this topic in the specialty - advanced practice - nurse practitioner forum.

    Keep in mind this thread was started in 1999! The info is old and may be out of date.

    It's almost ten years old and definitely out of date. Many nurses today make just as much or more than PA's and NP's are not going anywhere. If anything the profession is growing and evolving nicely.
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    Quote from DaveRN
    PA's are not capable of carring a pt. load. They only "assist" while a NP can carry a pt. load. And another thing that is great about NP's is that they are nurses to begin with. With the expansion of the NP educational trac into areas such as Acute Care, Emergency Care and Pediatric Acute care they are also much more specialized than PA's. Support your profession!! NP's are the future and PA's are of the past.
    Actually this is not true. At least in California, our PAs have their own patients just like the FNPs do in family practice; sometimes it is hard to tell them apart, they have DEA#s, write Medical DX, and perform nearly all of the same procedures at the FNPs in the office I use to work at...they almost have the same scope of practice except the PA must have all their charting signed of by an MD while an FNP can not.

    That being said, PAs do not have as much mobility as the NP though.

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