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Last year - $25 gift card to local grocery store. This year - $20 check. What did you get?... Read More

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    We got some storebought cupcakes, and a threat...

    "If the weather gets bad, you are required to stay overnight at the hospital. You will not be compensated for time spent sleeping at the hospital, if staying greater than 16 hours."

    I called our board of labor. Apparently that's legit. Whatever- if weather gets bad, my SO has a little bronco that he built for rock climbing, so it should be just FINE on the ice.
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    We got to plant our own desktop terrariums, with everything we need included. Mine is about to bloom. I like it a lot. It's something that will last and it's a living thing that won't refuse meds, treatment, or ambulation.
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    a big fat nothing.plus got to work 12 hrs on xmas and 12 hrs the day after .no lunch either day because it was so busy i barely got bathroom break.yeah merry xmas.
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    We got a 25$ Walmart gift card and a t-shirt with the company logo. Also a free Christmas dinner but I work nights so I didn't come in for that. We also got lots of cards and homemade goodies from residents' families and a scarf from family. Last year all we got was the dinner so I was pleasantly surprised since I work LTC and I know money is always an issue. I am appreciative. I need a new watch!
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    Quote from Ntheboat2
    I think the person who mentioned money coming out of their check for the gift card means they have to pay the tax on the amount of the gift card. Anywhere I've ever worked I've had to pay tax on the gift card (if it came from the actual employer) because it's an IRS rule. If it comes directly from a doctor or something then of course you don't.
    I don't think that's what she meant.....she said she noticed the amount missing from her check; would you notice the tax on a $10 gift card (bupkus, really) out of your normal paycheck? Or are you more likely to notice the ten dollars?

    And then again, so what: it's beyond tacky to give a gift that then requires the recipient to pay for receiving it, imho.
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    Quote from AlphaPig
    Last year - $25 gift card to local grocery store.

    This year - $20 check.

    What did you get?
    Something in the mail that looked like it had been printed up on a home printer. It basically
    said "Merry Christmas from *blank* company". It was half torn up by the time it got to my house. Oh, and there were three drawings for a turkey on Dec. 20th. Plus there was a Christmas Party that I didn't get to go to because I had to work.

    We've all been promised $100 bonuses if our facility clears the next state survey, which it won't.
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    A large gingerbread cookie scented candle.
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    On-call all day Christmas. I wish I had gone in, because the money is nice, but it was too hard to say no from a warm, cozy bed at 5am...
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    We got nothing.

    However, for our birthdays we get a $50 check card, so while its not 'happy holidays' its more like 'happy you lived through another year with us.' I'll take it and look forward to the days when the economy will improve...hopefully...
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    Nothing, not even a christmas meal, there was only the vending machines as they closed the canteen.

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