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....I landed a job outside of the hospital. I'm a newer nurse, only at it for five years, but I've been in the hospital setting that entire five years. Many days, I feel so trapped inside those walls, staring longingly... Read More

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    I recently made the same decision as you. I have worked inpatient my entire career thus far. In January, I began applying to per diem positions with the idea that I would drop my hours at the hospital to "ease my way out". Well, that plan went out the window as soon as I went through the process of actually applying for jobs and interviewing and I realized that I have marketable skills and there's no reason to put up with the BS and abuse I deal with every day in my current job. The first day I worked at my 2nd job, I left there thinking, "I left on time, I ate lunch and no one yelled at me"... felt like some kind of alternate reality but definitely something I could get used to! I never thought I'd want to work M-F but I am finding more and more that that IS what I want. I have no consistency in my schedule at my current job (only 20 days left 'til I'm done!) and I can't even count on the fact that they'll give me a day off if I need it for a doctor's appointment. In my new job, I'll be able to just leave early or come in late if I have an appointment and arrange my hours around it.
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    I have always kept my foot in 2 doors so I could take a step back, and I have always ended up missing the bedside. But that's me.
    I am so happy for you!!! Good Luck! I have always tried to be sure that I have taken risks over the years because I never wanted to say I wish I would have xyz. Kudos for you!
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    Congratulations. Anything you may lose, will be balanced by what you will gain.
    Choices always involve trade offs. Enjoy your new job.
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