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I just recently got hired on with a company and couldn't run away fast enough. I won't name the company. But they are hiring nurses or anyone with a 4 year science degree of any kind. No patient or... Read More

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    Quote from Flo.
    Have you reported them yet? If not you are just as guilty as they are. You know what they are doing. You need to protect the public.

    I really wish you would name names. I am not looking for a job now but I do have allergies. I would like to avoid this company.

    That is totally unfair. She is going to report it. It is not right to demand they she risk retaliation from this company by naming them here.

    She is doing this the right way and she is reporting it. I found your comment to be SUPER unreasonable.
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    I think you are a nut leading a discussion about a fantasy that somehow fulfills some neeed you have.
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    I think you are a nut leading a discussion about a fantasy that somehow fulfills some neeed you have.
    This may be a little harsh - but any nurse that would not walk out the first time he/she was told to reuse a needle does raise suspicions. Seems like most of the responders would have been gone long before orientation was complete. Why come here, post essentially annonymously about an unnamed company. Also no one else seems to be adding their experience - if this is a nationwide company hiring everywhere. Has no one else encountered anything suspicious? If they are setting up in existing medical practices, wouldn't those physicians want to know what was going on?

    So the more I think of it, the less credible the whole story seems.
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    I think y'all should not jump to conclusions like a pack of hyenas. How about politely asking for clarification and then if the answer is not adequate you can go ahead and rip her head off?
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    This thread is being closed. The discussion has run its course.

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