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I recently started working 12 hr day shifts, after working 12 hr nights for several years. I am naturally a night person, and prefer going to bed at midnight or later. I have insomnia prior to working each day shift, but sleep... Read More

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    Quote from BradleyRN
    I certainly do not recommend sleeping pills, because they reduce the amount of REM sleep, which is what we need the most in the first place. Also, taking pills carry a risk of addiction and can lead to liver damage. Since you are in California, they now prescribe marijuana for insomnia. There are few side effects, not including sleep-walking or sleep-driving, no risk of kidney or liver damage, and it is not physically addictive.
    I would love to use marijuana as a sleep aid (I'm in CA) but am afraid I will fail a urine drug screen. And now that they shut down all the clinics in Kern County, I would have to travel almost 3 hrs one way to a clinic in LA. So the Federal Government has decided to deny me access to a safe, effective inexpensive drug that works! I will never work as an RN again (see my first thread) but other jobs require drug screens.
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    Thanks for the advice I've gotten so far. My insomnia is generally only caused by having to get up early as I'm naturally a night person, and I hadn't had to get to work before 10AM in many years.

    Sorry to hear of the problems others have had which led to insomnia problems.
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    One thing I haven't seen suggested that occasionally works for me is Kava Kava supplements or tea. I usually have to have more than one cup of the tea, or exceed the supplement dosage but at times it's extremely effective.
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    Nyquil tablets has been my only answer to a lifetime of insomnia and restless leg syndrome.
    Taken at 1930, (kids call it Nyquil-thirty), I can go to sleep around 2100. But there is a small window of opportunity to sleep, and if missed, I am awake with legs hurting.
    Good luck.
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    Any other ideas? Will this problem likely go away over time? I know circadian rhythms take 2-3 weeks to change, but guess that is with a consistent sleeping schedule. Do others who work day shift keep the same sleep hours on your off days?

    I tried the doxylamine (1/2 tab) and it worked very well. I haven't been able to have the same sleep hours on my days off as I have been wanting to catch up on my sleep and also sleep free of meds.

    I hate feeling like a zombie when at work, don't want them to think poorly of me because of lack of sleep, and really hope I won't have to take sleep meds nightly before day shifts.

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