1. Just got back from Fla. and wages betwixt N & S ar about $4-8.00 per hr. lower south than North, but specialtie areas are $12-18.00 lower.

    Began today in Goodsville Tennessee at a waffle house 5 am this am.

    I took the middle counter seat.

    It began with a 44#+ 20 y/o who was bouncer at the local ginmill, then a wide variety of others until it had been over 2 hours when I got back to the motel where the bride was peakin', dogs a shivvering and all, so I says, "I guess this means we can't give Joe (a schizophrenic hitchiking to Cleveland) a ride to the pike huh?"

    Good to be back and thanks y'all for checkin' the site "Jodie built."

    As you can see it's nurses helping nurses too but somehow different.