Vocera Easter Eggs

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    I looked up an older post about this, but there were very few responses, so I decided to start a new post!

    My ED started using the Vocera units recently. This past week we've all had fun learning the funny genie and the Easter eggs (Beam Me Up, Beam Me Down, Good-Bye, Shut Up). Has anyone heard of any others?? I've read some people have accidently stumbled upon some, but they can't remember the cue words. So if you know others... post 'em!
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    I am not sure what the "Good bye" and "Shut up" are. I know if you swear at it, a man's voice says "I BEG YOUR PARDON" and hangs up on you.
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    "shut up" does the same as swearing at it then, lol. The "good-bye" command gives you Leonard Nimoy saying "Live Long and Prosper." Funny stuff. =D
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    I had my Vocera do the "I BEG YOUR PARDON" thing when I tried to call one of our LPN's. I still don't think her name sounds like a swear word. :P

    I'm drawing a blank trying to think if it does anything else interesting. Most of the time the reception just sucks and I want to chuck it out the window. You'd think everyone talks like mush mouth with how often Voceralady says, "I didn't understand." ARGH!
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    i just found this on a blog site. gonna have to try it when i work next, i don't know if we have the "funny genie" option....

    funny genie
    funny genie is something different, when a user says "turn funny genie on" it enables an alternate set of prompts, instead of jean or mark saying "vocera" you might hear a robotic overlord saying "vocera, vocera, vocera, vocera" or someone say "aloha." when funny genie is enabled for a user, that user will be greeted by funny genie every time they press the call button (until they issue the "turn funny genie off" command.)

    sometimes people think this is far to much fun and distracting so they want it all switched off. the good news for those people is that after 4.0sp3 the funny genie can be disabled, good news for the fun lovers is that easter eggs can't be removed or disabled.

    this comment was in the blog as well.....what the heck?

    anonymous said...
    i accidentally made vocera play the sex in the city theme song. we have not been able to discover the cue though. one of my co-workers accidentally triggered the chicken dance song while trying to call a code. this has not been repolicated either.

    would love to know how to do more. i know we have a bunch of phone numbers for area restaurants in our system "call xxx pizza"....

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    The funny genie is awesome. I also found that site about the chicken dance and sex in the city theme, one of my co-workers and I are sitting here trying to find new cue words to make other things happen!! No luck though. We've tried several Star Trek type phrases since 3/4 are Star Trek related, but again - no luck. *sigh*
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    What is the website for the chicken dance and sex & the city trigger? We cannot find it and it's driving us nuts!! Please help!
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    I had a slow nite and tried many trekkie references and discovered a new one. Call "Captain Kirk". It goes on for about 30secs so don't hang up after the initial phrase sound like it ends.
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    So I recently stumbled on a easter egg thats not posted here. Tell Vocera to "Make it So" and it says Jean Luke its wonderful to see you again, how bout a big hug....