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VA Nurses Salary?

  1. 0 How much do VA nurses make? I cant seem to find anything on google or yahoo searches...

    Ive always wanted to help veterans but I need to be able to support my parents as well.
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    Visit and do a search for nurse in whatever city you're interested in. That's the official job website for the US Federal Gov't. It gives salary ranges.

    For my city, the rate of pay is pretty comparable to other hospitals in the area, however the benefits seem to be outstanding.
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    I work at the VA hospital in Huntington, WV. The basic starting rate for an RN here is $41,323/year. Plus we get eight hours vacation and 4 hrs sick leave every 2 weeks (pay period) Also I can retire in 20 years if I chose to. Hope this helps.
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    I was looking at jobs in the federal prison system, and the website for them actually gives the criteria for the wages. That is also listed under USA jobs.

    Good luck!

    Incidentally, does anyone know where to find the listings for the outpatient care clinics? I mean the job listings. I know the one in Cumberland needs another RN, but I cna not find a listing for it.