Unit Change Project

  1. 0 My clinical group has to do a write a paper on something that we would change on a unit and the steps and evaluatoins, etc on it. Any suggestions on some changes that could be made on a unit? It can range from paperwork setup to family relations to products and services. Thanks!
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    STAFFING RATIOS. That is the number one complaint I hear at my job and all my friends and family c/o the exact same thing. The nurse to patient ratio is ridiculous. It is not safe care. The other thing I would change is patient education. I don't think it should be our responsibility to teach diets when we have dieticians who know more than we do. Insulin should be taught by a Pharmacist who knows alot more than we do. With all of our running around I have little time for this and this is VERY important , esp for new diabetics. I feel like they get slighted.
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    Here are a few ideas:
    - increasing staff morale
    -preventing back injuries
    -preventing patient falls
    -changes in the policy and implementation of restraints

    Good luck!
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    You could also address the issue of non hands on health care workers wearing scrubs. Its discussed in another thread in here.

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