Top ten reasons for being fired - Falsification of Documentation - page 3

Falsification of documentation is number 6 on the list of ‘Ten reasons why we get fired’ Documentation is a large part of a nurse’s daily routine; everything we do, say or plan has to be documented. The greatest nurses saying... Read More

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    That is exactky what I am saying. I know I was preventing a fall. I see so much going on in that unit that I amso glad to be out of there. Thet was asking us to do things we are not allowed. I have the proof of that. I was so close to a transfer.

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    Thanks for the advice. I am going to do my best now to charge when I did something at the time I did it. It's so hard though when you're pulled in a million directions, particularly at the beginning of the shift which is when I do most of my head-to-toe's.
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    I worried about that myself when I was giving scanned medications!

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