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Hi everyone! I am in need of some encouragement here. I've only been a nurse for about a year and so I feel stupid like I missed something and can't forgive myself. On my first night working this week, I had an older adult female... Read More

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    Learn what you can from it and move on.

    A lot of people believe, if it's your time to go, you're going to go, if it's not your time, you're not going.

    It was her time.
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    Never 'shoulda' on yourself.

    My first thought was a PE, but even if you had known earlier, there probably was not going to be a lot of hope. When it's your time to go.....
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    Don't beat yourself up. I'm assuming that here SpO2 was fine, which is one of the first things you check with increased confusion. It sounds like you provided excellent care.
    In the ICU, patients do die suddenly of PE's, often with few s/s... their heart, SpO2, and respirations are constantly monitored and they just suddenly code, and many times there is nothing that can be done.
    Take away from this the importance of DVT prophylaxis, the heparin, lovenox, SCD's, and getting patients out of bed, into a chair, ambulating them. It's all theoretical and just another task until you witness the worse case scenario.
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    Thank you all so much- I learn a lot from reading these!
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    Quote from Black Jade
    Meg, she was not in any cardiovascular or respiratory distress when you assessed her before and after so you did everything right. My question is, when you bathe her did she expressed that something didn't feel right or her behavior seemed unusual besides demanding the Ativan? Nobody is perfect and nursing is a source of constant learning. Like you, I beat myself up whenever I think about the should'ves. That means that you do have great compassion for your patients and you take your job as a nurse seriously. Most importantly, you care.
    "The hallmark of a good nurse", I suppose?

    Please don't say this, I beg of you. We are taking care of human lives so we darn better take our jobs seriously!
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    I agree with the advice given, but watch out posting things like this, if her family decides to sue for some reason, they will look on social websites for information and any doubt on your part that is expressed can be used against.
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    Quote from Katie5
    "The hallmark of a good nurse", I suppose?

    Please don't say this, I beg of you. We are taking care of human lives so we darn better take our jobs seriously!

    I say this, because there are some nurses who don't take their jobs seriously. I was paired up with some of those type of nurses when I did my clinicals. There are nurses who unfortunately just don't care about their patients.

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