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Moving from one state to another can be as easy as ABC, providing you plan and make it a nice smooth transition. There are certain variables which you are able to control and there are certain ones you canít. It is... Read More

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    This was very helpful! However, does anyone know of an employment agency that deals primarily with Registered Nurse placement. Of course there are local agencies but I am looking for an agency to contact that can look for what is available across the United States. I am not from out of the country (I have found several of those sites) but simply would like to move from California to another state. It is extremely difficult to find work in any of the hospitals here unless you have at least 2-3 years of experience in your field of expertise.
    I graduated at the age of 52 years old. Because of a family member with terminal cancer, I needed to leave my position as a R.N. in Neurology/Acute Care after only 8 months. In the course of almost 2 years, my other mother and mother were diagnosed with cancer as well. In the interim of illnesses, I tried desperately to find work.
    I have worked in Hospice for 16 months. However, without that acute care experience....Where I move depends on work. My preferences are Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, West Virginia, Maine, Vermont, Montana, Idaho, Kentucky, Tennessee, and (believe it or not) Alaska.....NO midwest or southern states again! Been there, done that! Ft. Myers, FL has ONE hospital system and ONE hospice system. Temperatures ranging in the high 90's, with absolutely no break from the heat for 9 months. No way!
    Any suggestions?

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