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Medical-Surgical nursing is the largest specialty area in nursing. Many nurses start their nursing career in Med-Surg, acquire excellent clinical skills, and then move on to other specialized areas. Others, like myself, enjoy the... Read More

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    I like med/surg also. There is only one problem with it and it has nothing to do with the staff, patients or families. It is the fact that managment thinks the patients are more stable than on the critical units. This may have been true 30 years ago but it is no longer true. The people are so ill, they need at least a 1 nurse to 4 patient ratio WITH support staff. IF the nurse has four patients it is OK to give one admission on that shift but NO MORE. If for some reason the nurse has 5 patient or more already then there should be no admissions assigned to that nurse. I know it sounds like a pie in the sky dream but the truth is if they ever want to get this infection control problem, these bedsore problems, these failure to rescue problems under control that is what they have to do.
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