Time saving/organizational ideas?

  1. I'm a new nurse, I had my first lone shift last night (at my hospital you orient with another nurse for a month before you take patients by yourself) and I ended up being there a full TWO HOURS late charting and whatnot. I only had 6 patients, then one admission so 7 all together and it wasn't too terribly busy or anything, so I don't really know where all my time went. Does anyone have any time saving advice? It would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  3. by   WildOne
    Let's see here I'm new too but in about 5 months I've picked up a few things

    1. Do things as you go for example if you just took vitals put them in or you just gave a prn med put it in right away

    2. Prioritize on a piece of paper! If I'm doing night shift and I see there's like 20 things I need to do at 6 am I make a list. Like empty this foley then start this med then clean this

    3. When you go into a room try to do everything at once . I used to give a med then get supplies abd clean them then get them water then they wanted a sleeping pill. So now I ask first do you need water, sleeping pill etc or I check the mar if they have been getting a sleeping pill everyday most likely they will ask for it. Then u take the pill water supples everything in and your out in 15 minutes onto the next person

    4. Redirect people. I would and still do get caught up in long conversations with patients abd family about just pain sleeping etc. instead talk while you do then say something nice like "well I'll let you enjoy your visit"

    5. And one thing I find really helpful is the last hour of my shift I write all the things that need to be documented in another colour like green on my sheet that way u dont get confused in what you have or haven't charted. And once it's charted I put a little checkmate beside it or else I'm wasting time checking how much normal saline has infused

    I'm getting faster though abd so will you all with time!!!!