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Please don't assume I'm seeking information for selfish reasons. I'm am grateful to be clean and sober since July 2012. These questions came up during a friendly debate with my brother. He's of... Read More

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    I don't recall ever having to do a pre-employment drug screen. I may have done one when I worked as a CNA in the hospital in my town but I have most definitely not had to do one for any of my 3 nursing jobs. The only lab test I had to have done prior to working was titers for varicella.

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    Quote from That Guy
    I dont mind doing drug testing.
    I do mind that the people collecting from me working dont have to.
    I don't mind that some kid whose mom might smoke pot gets to benefit from food stamps or whatever the case may be. Besides, it would cost way more money to drug test and police the results which would include removing kids from their homes than it costs to feed a couple kids.
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    You might want to add the cost of several generations onto that estimate.

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