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Well. If I give too much info there will definitely be people who know exactly who and what I'm talking about, and that would be bad. If I don't get it out, it'll be bad. It's like confession, there are things I don't even... Read More

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    Do you have an infection control team or nurse? Bring it up to her.

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    Well I have let my unit director know of the situation with the doc who doesn't wash. Mind you, I've seen one specific incident in my unit. I have to assume that he scrubs up the way he's supposed to otherwise, like for surgery. So no, I didn't let that go by. I just still cringe when I think of it.

    My coworkers have been wonderful. I think I felt alone, but there is more than one of my coworkers who has let this little gal into our hearts; knowing that has helped me somewhat. My hubby tells me that this feeling of being too caring is going to just be a side effect of the job, that'll crop up once in a while and need to be dealt with. Now I'm beginning to understand why it's common for psychiatrists to see therapists of their own.

    Another thing that I think helped mess me up this past month, was the fact that this patient is very young. Not quite pediatric, but then I've avoided the pediatric population like the plague. I'm comfortable with Death looking over my shoulder and stopping by for a visit now and then but by golly not when I don't think it's time! Hmph. Control issues yet again. Thanks for listening, y'all really do help a gal find her sanity sometimes.
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    Quote from oramar
    Perfect example of what causes burnout. You know this MD is not washing his hand but are not empowered enough to take him to task for it.
    I would contact administration and let them know what you've observed that this surgeon is not washing his hands. If you feel uncomfortable doing that put a note in the suggestion box. I've done that with great results!

    As far as the situation of getting too emotionally involved with your patients I'd say yes you're going through burnout. (((((HUGS)))))
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    I'm sorry you're going through a rough emotional time right now with this pig of a doc and your young patient. I know how you feel, allowing a patient to get inside of you is tough. I've done it myself. :hugs:

    Now, about the doc not washing his hands. Just the other day, I was astounded when I saw the INFECTIOUS DISEASE team go into a room where the patient is MRSA and Acynobactor (sp?) positive, WITHOUT GOWNS OR GLOVES!! It just frosted my arse!! The attending ID took his little posse into the room, they all stood around the patient and the attending used his own steth (not the blue isolation one!) on the patient. He did not wash before going in the room, nor did he use the sanitizer before hand.

    He did, however, on the way out, deign to use the sanitizer outside her door. Course, he was the only one who did. He didn't wipe off his scope though.

    I just couldn't believe this WAS the ID doctors doing it. Blows yer mind, I tell ya.

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