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Ok fellow nurses, we complain(and rightfully so;-) we get burned out, we become angry and all that other stuff but can you think of anything good you learned as a nurse(besides saving someone's life...and YES that is... Read More

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    That life is short.

    That you can make someone feel important and cared for by doing the little things that address their comfort like temperature of the room, food and drink, clean linens, etc. Sometimes I think I don't have time for this stuff but it almost always pays off in the end.
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    To have a voice and to stand up for myself!
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    Quote from beast master RN
    blehhhhh , u have no idea , but one day u will , this life or the next
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    That there are way worse things than death...and that I'm a damn lucky woman.
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    I have learned that however bad a day I am having at work, I at least get to leave after 12 hours. The critically ill patient and family are probably experiencing the worst days of their life.
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    I've learned that good health is not something that anyone can take for granted, because it can be gone in the blink of an eye. I've learned to be grateful for my continued good health and the good health of the people I love. Working in peds, I am especially grateful that I have a (so far) completely healthy child (knock wood!).
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    I have learned to never be surprised at the human condition, to have patience and respect for each person, because they have their own story behind their situation. I have learned the the youngest patients have the most wisdom and compassion. I have learned to be open minded, compassionate, accepting and to keep a sense of humor in the face of disaster. I have also learned you will always find someone who has a worse day than you!

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