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Hi. I am being interviewed for a position at a local hospital. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what there duties are?What is the best,worst part of being either a tech or aide? Thank you Rhona... Read More

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    Keep standing up for yourself. You have passion and you will go far. I encourage you to pursue your goals and ignore any and all negative comments. Working on the bottom can be a great motivator Good luck with school!

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    Hello nurse4kids,
    you are absolutly correct, but we all know how i feel about dead horses so, here it is, how stupid is it to come on a nurse board and cut down the same profession you say you want to be a part of ?? well pretty dang stupid !!If you think all nurses sit around and due nothing then you have a rude awakening, it may have been so where you worked but not true for all. How narrow minded to think all nurses are the same !!!!If you want to go into nursing you sure are starting out on the wrong foot, grow up!! And, as for med aides i have to agree that it is not enough education to understand how medications work and interact. We have med aides in oklahoma and they too only get 2 weeks training and that is certainly not enough training.. I may get crap for this one but ya know this is a nurse BB to say whats on your mind !
    You go with your bad selves RNPD ,HOT SPAM
    Welcome essarge
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    Wow, after reading this post and all the replies, I was left with a tangled mess of emotions and thoughts. Being an optimist I tried to look at all sides of the matter..starting with myself and feelings that this all provoked. I am a RN and have been in nursing for 20+ years, so I started at the beginning.
    Cleaning other peoples houses: my only dream was to be a nurse...and a LPN at that. But, children not allowing I settled for ....
    Private setting: back then you didn't have to certified to be an aide. Being told everything I could not do I still wanted that...
    LPN...finally I made it. I got to do tons of patient care, chat with the patients, touch them, and listen to them standing still. Taking a charge nurse position in a nursing home, I learned how much my precious license was on the line. Not only did I have to be careful of all I did, but everything my aides did, and everything housekeeping did. If anyone of these groups screwed up including myself...I would ultimately be held responsible. Not satisfied and thinking I would be more indepedent and autonomous I went after my ....
    RN...and thats when I fully realized that my role as "nurse" was not at all what I thought it was as hosekeeper, aide, or LPN. The days I could actually do hands on would be few, that task had now shifted to documenting that it had been , documented, deligated, done, and why? Using the correct nusring diagnosis and covering all potentially legal pitfalls. Now I listen on the go. Prayed that a new admit did not have too extensive a history...because my mind was working like an adding machine counting the hours careplanning.
    I appreciated housekeeping that did a thorough job, it meant not having to explain why I didn't have time to call them back. I appreciate the LPNs that transcribed med orders correctly, it meant not having to explain a drug interaction. I appreciated the med techs that gave meds using their own initiative to report a possible problem.
    Nursing in the professional sense has turned into such a legal mine-field. I sometimes long for the days of putting away the mop bucket and going home without looking back, of giving a hug to my private patient and saying see ya tomorrow without a second thought, and I even miss the days of wondering if everything was signed off as an LPN. Because now, my mind stays in constant motion as to whether or not I got all the triage calls documented, all the docs notified w/critical labs and their orders documented, all the social workers informed, all the calls to families returned, all the refill scripts called in....and pray that I got all my notes gathered when I arrive home so I can finish my charting. The long and short of it...I have ran the gammit of thinking the grass was greener on the other side. The more education you have the more you are held accountable. The higher your degree the more legal responsibility. But looking back and presently, I am so thankful of the dedicated hardworking teams that help all of us to be who we are....NO ONE IS AN ISLAND!!
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    No but someone has to be the strong tree to lean on !!! If you dont work as a team it makes it harder for all..
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    Thanks TheBoss...that is what I was trying to say. We all must work together.

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