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My first clinical rotation was at Massachusetts General Hospital. It was in a part of the hospital known as Phillips House 22, a lockdown medical-surgical unit on the 22nd floor of the Ellison Building, a modern glass tower... Read More

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    Hi Bill,
    Just joined tonight. I enjoy reading your posts. I will be starting Curry's ACCEL in Jan. 2010. Anyway, I'll be a father of three (two identicals on the way in a few months!) and will be in need of a job immediately following graduation. I just have a few questions for you, if you don't mind:
    1. Did the PCA job get your foot in the door, that is, are you working at MGH?
    2. Are you still in touch w/many of your classmates and are they employed at the big hospitals?
    3. Do you think me being bilingual (Spanish) is actually a real plus at the time of getting hired?
    4. What are you guys making (if that's not fude to ask)?
    Thank you so much,

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    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the comments!

    Congratulations on the impending twins and good luck with that!

    In answer to your first question, yes I am working at MGH. I'm working on a different unit (and very different than PH22!). And working as a PCA did help. I can't recommend doing that enough (wherever you can -- I understand that PCA/tech jobs are harder to come by than when I got mine). I only worked about 1 shift/week (and none when it was exam time, etc)... I did do more shifts during the two breaks in the school program. The point being, you don't have to work many hours, just get a per diem gig and do what you can and still get good grades in school.

    I'll have to address the rest of your post later... have to run! Congrats on getting accepted into the Curry ACCEL program too!
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    Bill E. Rubin,
    Great article!

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