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    My story comes straight from the heart, my heart! I work in an assisted living facility where I am basically a newby, I started my job less than a month ago. I have found that each day I go to work I want to give more and more of myself to the residents that live there. I have gotten to know these people, love them, hug them, kiss them on the cheek and I feel in my heart that I can make a difference, even if its short term with dementia I can still make a difference at that moment to these people. I always go in to work with a positive attitude, giving smiles to each and every one of my residents, sometimes I even give hi-fives and see a smile come alive. I'll go in to work and start my day greeting everyone, hugging my residents. I say these are my residents because I have adopted them all to be a part of my family, not a real adoption however, but one I have in my heart for these people I care so much about. Giving a smile, giving a hug, giving time to listen, talk to these residents of mine is not in my job description, but its in my heart and the love I have for my residents. I can honestly say that I have found my calling in nursing, I love being able to make just the slightest difference to my residents. At bedtime I will walk out of the residents room singing happily, "good night...don't let the bed bugs bite", and alot of the times I get a song back, singing with me this very same song. It's a job I love! I love to help people. I am not just a pill pusher as many people would put it, I am giving my heart, my love and my time to these residents and know from the way they react that I have definitely made a big difference in their lives! Having a paycheck is great, but walking away after the day is done seeing and knowing that I made someone smile, laugh, sing or just feel better is sooooo much more than just a paycheck!

    We are here at Thanksgiving and I thank God for allowing me to give what I have inside me to my residents. Thanks to all my residents and to the aides that try to make a difference as well!

    ♥nursing gal♥
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    LPN that has more than just a license, I have a heart, a great attitude and the love for my residents that goes farther than my job description! I am a great loving and caring nurse, who at times is silly and finds my residents also laughing and singing! Nursing, I love my job and love my residents!

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