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Normally I can express myself on this forum with humor, but not this time, at least not as usual. I just came out of a meeting (you know; one of those meetings where we sip cognac and eat bonbons and devise plans on how to abuse... Read More

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    OK. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, people smiled when they saw me walk in (a few even hugged me), and even the paperwork-from-hell didn't look quite as daunting on my desk. I didn't plan on logging on here this morning, but there were PMs from several of you (THANK YOU!), as well as numerous posts offering different perspectives and support that I very much needed to hear. Thank you all so much. This is why I come here.
    Guys, I'm an idealist, and I will persist in being one in spite of what we see in healthcare. This BB is one of the reasons that I remain one. The place I work, for all of its warts, is another. There are so many great people trying so hard in that little hospital, and this profession, and it hurts when they just don't see that the other person is truly trying just as hard as they are, and may be fighting personal battles they know nothing about. Buried somewhere in the rubble, I've got a husband and two kids and four cats and a house that should be declared a disaster area.
    "Lemons to lemonade?" I think nurses at all levels have made enough lemonade to fill up the Atlantic Ocean. And if I ever tell you to "do the best you can", I'd better be beside you doing the best I can myself, or collapsed in exhaustian at your feet because I couldn't do anymore!
    There are also people at all levels in this field who are either burned out or unmotivated or simply don't have the aptitude for what they do, and these people endanger us, our patients and our morale. Unfortunately, executing them or impaling them on rectal tubes is not an alternative (except in my warped imagination). If you have the misfortune to work with any of these people, my heart goes out to you. I know that you AREN'T one of these people or you wouldn't be on this BB.
    Enough said!!! I shall now return to having my nasal hairs surgically removed. Please expect a humorous thread on grant writing next week. I need a healthier way to vent! Love you all. JeannieM

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