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Is sudden Vtach and then to pulseless vfib randomly in the night of day common? No pvc's during the day, electrolytes within range. Bilat chest tubes d/t bilat pneumo's. s/p cabg several weeks. vitals within normal limits all... Read More

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    it could have been any number of things, tension pneumothorax, PE (PE's can be a PEA, or brady arrest, but also can be v tach)collapsed or ruptured graft, a clot in any of the grafts or coronary arteries, etc.....are they doing an autopsy? Sudden change in K level due to lasix? Calcium and mag both okay? No new meds or withdrawal of antiarryhmics?
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    agree with trauma lover on possible causes

    Was the QT interval long? Was the VT preceded by an R-on-T PVC? Hypoxia or sleep apnea? Were isoenzymes okay following the code?
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    I'm also interested in whether they are doing an autopsy? To answer your question about whether or not it's common to have someone suddenly go into VT/VF arrest... I wouldn't say it's common, but your patient did have a strong cardiac history and post-op complications.
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    no withdrawal from antiarrythmics, K and Mg were within range, no lasiks, renal dose dopamine being using for decreased urine output. bad case of sub q emphysema. No PVC's. No sleep apnea of hypoxia. o2 at >95% on 4 l

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