Stay or go Philippines?

  1. hello everyone my name is Martin and i am currently 19 yrs old. i live in the USA and i want to know if it is better to go to the philippines and take my nurses classes there instead of here in USA. I dont want to go for BSN, just for RN. I also want to know if it is a lot faster to take it in the philippines instaed of here in US and how many years it would be. I understand that it is cheaper which is a plus. At this point i am confused on what decision i should make.. as ive heard from many of filipino's that taking in the Phils is a good choice... (I need to be convinced that it is a good choice for me.) i am willing to start fresh in the Phils and make sacrifices here.
    Thank you very much! All answers will be appreciated!
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  3. by   Diaper
    I heard that philipine has good nursing schools. However, many hospitals prefer nurses who graduated from an accredited school in the United States. In other words, if you have a foreign degree, it's difficult to find a job as a new grad.

    If I were you, I'll try and study nursing in the United States. You're still young, maybe you should consider studying a BSN and you'll have more job opportunities in the future.

    Good luck.
  4. by   elkpark
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    If you graduate from a foreign nursing school, even as a US citizen, you will be considered a "foreign graduate" for licensure purposes in the US for your entire career and will have extra hoops to jump through on initial licensure and any time you endorse your license to another state in the future. That's one thing many people aren't aware of.

    Also, there are serious concerns about some of the nursing schools in the Phillipines these days -- if you do do this, it would be very important to make sure you're getting into a higher quality school. There has been a huge boom in nursing schools there in recent years, and some of them (certainly not all) are of very poor quality. There are older threads here on this topic that you may want to find and review.

    As far as I know, nursing programs in the Phillipines have recently gone to being a 5-year degree, so it would presumably take you longer than US programs. (If I'm wrong about that, I'm happy to be corrected. )

    There are some other, older threads here about the pros and cons of attending nursing school in the PI (from the US). You may want to look for them and review what has been discussed there.

    Best wishes!