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Just want to get a general feeling out there.. I work on a 78 bed Telemetry floor( split int two sides ) dealing with high acuity patients... until now the standard grid has been 1-5, with nurses being pushed to 6 fairly... Read More

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    We are 1:4 days and nights. No tele techs, and 2 UCs/secretaries from 8a to 8p. We're only a 20 bed floor, and we generally staff for 16, with 2 care techs. If we open the last station for 20, we get one more tech.

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    It just sopunds like too much. You are right to question.
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    I work nights on a 'med/tele' unit... But it's pretty much all tele, maybe 1-2 medical patients on the whole floor. We have 1-7 ratio, with 2aides and 3 nurses. Secretary only until 11. No charge nurse. And get this... Our monitors/monitor tech are on another floor.
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    I would not work there.
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