Something To Be Thankful For - page 2

If you read my blog on even a semi-regular basis, you've probably figured out that I'm a fan of lists. This one was inspired by a little game that one of my co-workers started on Facebook a... Read More

  1. by   catshowlady
    I'm going through a really rough time in my life right now, but I can add a couple.

    I'm thankful for my family, Their love means so much to me right now.

    I'm thankful that I work on a great unit. We aren't at the cutting edge of medicine, but we give great care, we play nicely together, and the boss is fair and reasonable.

    I'm thankful for my cats. The softness of their fur and the rumble of their purring is so comforting.

  2. by   nursingyogi
    I am thankful to be going to Nursing School in 2010! I am incredibly thankful that I've found my pathway in life, and am about to embark on what I think will be the best thing that has happened to me yet
  3. by   >30yrsRN
    I am thankful our DON does not act like " DON" ( Mafia word) LOL
  4. by   junebug50
    I am thankful for my job, as stressful as it is.
    My better half that makes me laugh and cry.
    My Children and grandchildren, they are the light of my life, they struggle so hard and I am so proud of them.
    My co-workers they are a good group to work with.
    My patients and their families, when you work oncology you thank god for everyday and the little things that we take for granted.
    I am so thankful for this website, reading it makes my day and puts a smile on my face.
  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I'm thankful for the good that I see and the good that I don't see. Just because I don't see it doesn't mean it's not out there, just waiting to surprise me! :tinkbll: