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Sleep hangover

  1. 0 Has anyone ever experienced a really bad sleep hangover? A sleep hangover is when you have self-induced sleep deprivation for a few nights, and when you do have opportunity to sleep, and you sleep alot, you are gorked and really not quite right after that long sleep.
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    been there, done that. It probally will happen in a couple days when I stop coughing long enough to get a decent nights sleep.
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    Ya...I work straight nights now and I'm used to it! Like jet lag!
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    I am disturbed by going without sleep, then being so tired I sleep well into the afternoon or early evening, then when you wake up you have to force yourself to sleep early so you day last maybe 6 hours. Plus your gorked during those 6 hours. I wish I knew how sleep effects neuro-transmitters and the brain :-(
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    mario - oh i soooo know what you mean!! You are too busy/ stressed/ tired to sleep and then you crash (usually for me on the couch) and you may sleep for like 10 hours straight, which usually is ample, but when you wake up you are all out of sorts....oh doesn't it suck!!! Every Sunday this process repeats itself with me (although it is ALWAYS self-induced with me!)
    My personal tactic to get over this is a half hour nap after the 6 or so hours of dragging yourself about. I *usually* wake up instantly refreshed - very strange indeed!!
    Anyways give this a try - it might just work!!
    Not sure if it has anythig to do with neuro-transmitters and the brain, but if it works then that is great!!
    Anyways, good luck with finding your solution!!
    Rachel @}-->----------
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    YES....if I have more than about 6 hours sleep I am 'hungover'!
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    I have the exact opposite problem. When I am sleep deprived, I can't sleep!!! An endless cycle.....

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    MagRN mentioned "jet lag" feeling, that is what it feels like to me also.
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    yes - a jetlag feeling. I really don't like it. I just wonder why there isn't some pharmacological therapy for maintaining normal sleep pattern. Perhaps taking to booze can have a benifit because you can drink yourself to sleep in moderation. Just kidding. I took an over the counter sleep aid once to try to get used to graveyard shift, and it worked. This is different.

    Blessed are the sleep deprived, for they shall be rewarded with infinate rest. Pray for us dear god of sleep, and guide us through our whacked sleep cycles. Amen.
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    I'm going thru that today actually...
    I woke up , wondering how much I had to drink last night until I remembered that I didnt drink a single thing
    so yeah hungover is a good way to put it
    sad thing is, all I want to do is go back to bed
    vicious cycle is right...
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    I know exactly how you feel. I work nights which makes it even worse. Sleeping too much can be worse than not sleeping enough.

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    Been there, done that! In college I would often stay up all night studying for exams, and then as soon as the exam was over I'd come home and sleep all day and then not be able to get to sleep that night.... it just totally messes ya up!
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    I had this problem until I found out I have hypothyroidism. Synthroid has helped a lot!