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I just started doing nightshift work recently and I find after work, I start to experience difficulty sleeping during the day after work which causes me to feel so sleepy when I'm at work at night. I find it weird because I have... Read More

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    So it's not just me lol. Sometimes I'll spend my two days off in pajamas.
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    Nope! Not just you! It's 9am where I live and I'm planning on staying right here in bed til at least noon before I decide to join the land of the living.
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    try dark curtains and chamomile tea
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    My fellow night shifter will appreciate this: I almost NEVER sleep with my phone in the bedroom, but my 84 year old Dad was moving to a new apartment and he's 150 miles away, so I wanted to be reachable. Started getting calls from an unknown number with just random noise on the line.
    All day long - arghhhh........ turns out to be the fax machine at a CVS pharmacy in another town. Now, I've never, ever filled a prescription at a CVS (My uncle was the VP of Walgreens), and I've never been to the town in question. They're 'looking into it'. Sheesh.
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    I worked night shift for a year then requested day shift as I found I couldn't sleep during the day. Four months later I was begging for nights again. Come to the conclusion that I am not a morning person. However, I find that I can't sleep between shifts, I'm lucky if I can grab 3 hours a day. My house just seems eerily quiet for day time, but my biggest problem is friends and family that think just because I work nights means I don't need as much sleep. I've tried everything but I am constantly sleep deprived in work, so much that when I get a night off I sleep 24 hours and have no problem with sleeping that day. My GP prescribed Mirtazipine but it made me drowsy getting out of bed, defeating the purpose. I've just came to the conclusion that I won't get a proper sleep between shifts and am accepting the fact il have to live with a permanent headache.
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    I take OTC doxylamine between consecutive nights of work (ONLY between consecutive nights of work) and I sleep well, no hangover. Walmart and Walgreens both sell it as a sleep aid.
    Don't give up trying to find something to help you sleep- the cumulative effects of sleep deprivation are not good at all.

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