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Skin Assessment Picture?

  1. 0 I'm working with my nurse manager to come up with a standardized "skin assessment form" for the docs/nurses to use to document wounds/irregularities. I really want something with a simple picture of a body, front/back, so you can just circle areas. As common as this may sound, I'm having a very hard time finding something like this! Does anyone out there know where I can find something like this?? Thank you!!
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    We get our forms from Briggs corporation. They have a person outlined, front and back, with lines out to the side, so you can circle or point to areas as well as explain it.
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    I found this by searching google images, but i couldn't find it on the actual page that google says it's on.

    see if the link works for you.
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    Thank you so much! I've used briggs forms before but I was wanting something a little more quick and simple with more free space for writing. I just know that when the other nurses/docs see those busy briggs skin forms they would freak! We are trying to establish better communication between doctors and nurses, especially with the new guidelines re: hospital aquired wounds.