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I shaved a dead man today. I hadn't planned to. I'd planned to shave my patient. When I mentally scheduled his "bath appointment" for 1600, he was still alive. But later, when I arrived for our... Read More

  1. by   martinb216
    agree entirely with what you did
  2. by   jennypenny
    I don't think your thoughts were weird or unkind. I have felt the same way. I think the Nurse who says "Don't you die on my shift!" is the one who is unkind, and your aftercare was wonderful.
  3. by   Silkybo
    One night I too had a patient who was knocking on heaven's door. Her hair had been put in a ponytail and was very matted, almost like a dreadlock. My awesome nursing assistant spent over an hour carefully bathing this homeless, substance addicted lady who was sedated, ventilated and on multiple drips, while I washed and carefully brushed out her hair. It turned out to be a lovely shade of strawberry blonde. I carefully fanned it out prettily on her pillow. For some reason it is very important to me that nobody should cross over on a bad hair day! My very tough hardcore charge nurse boss actually told me how impressed he was that we took the time to focus on this. The thing I love best about ICU nursing is having the time to focus on my patients and give them real, personal caring. It may seem petty or irrelevant when someone is dying, but I love to give people the spa treatment, footie rubs and those little comforts, especially when they have no friends and family with them. Everyone deserves to feel loved as they depart this existence. If I have cared for them for a while and gotten attached, I will kiss them on the forehead and say a blessing after they are gone. It is also a local tradition that we must open the window in the room to let the spirit depart. It is an honor to help people pass with dignity. I can usually sense it on some level beyond concrete senses when someone's spirit departs. Sometimes they body is still being vented, supported with pressors, but they already are gone, one just knows it. Sometimes it's a blessing when we let them move on.
  4. by   Mishka13
    Not "no one" as you gave this man some dignity and I am sure that he appreciated it.
  5. by   LovingNurse
    No act of kindness, no matter how small - is ever wasted. Doing the right thing, even when no-one is around to appreciate it, is what really shows a person's character. Enjoy who you see when you look in the mirror. :redpinkhe
  6. by   furbie
    Though he is not with us anymore, i know that deep into his heart he would like to express his gratitude on what you've done to him.
  7. by   bubbabubba
    This story was absolutey beautiful. That everyone could have a care-giver who was as carring would be great. My mom had a friend who was a hair-dresser. As a child, we thought it so strange that she went to the "funeral home" and did hair on DEAD people......Her response was that she had made them look nice in life and she owed it to them to do the same now. As an adult, I have often thought back and remembered what she said and how great it was that she for that last time, did their hair as they would have wanted it to look. The shaved man, whether seen by his family that night or not, was prepaired as he would have wanted to be. I had surgery 5 times in 15 months these last 2 years and NOBODY ever offered to shave me. I felt like a slob and since I have taught half the nurses who tended to me, knew they must think I looked like one too. I took a small mirror and asked my friend who stayed with me to bring me a basin of warm water and I did it myself. How wonderful it would have beent ot have had a carring nurse who would have at least OFFERED to help me. None that I had did ever. I was only offered a "bed bath" once, despite being restrained by a catheter under tension after prostate surgery 3 times and unable to get out of bed. I felt so much better after being cleaned up and explained to the nice nursing aid that I could do "the privates" myself and preserve my modesty.
    Your story was just wonderful.......

    BUBBABUBBA in Alabama