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Sharp MBHWN RNs-- NICU new grad program

  1. 0 Greetings!

    I am a new grad RN (August 2010) living in San Diego, CA area and I'm currently applying to the Sharp Health Care New Grad Program.

    I can only apply to 2 positions system-wide, and I want to make sure I choose ones that will increase my chances of getting an interview. I am very interested in NICU, which is open at Mary Birch, but I am hesitant to apply because I am uncertain if I would be seriously considered. The requirements merely state: NRP certification preferred. I have my NRP certification, but I only spent 2 days in the NICU at the VA hospital in nursing school. However, based on that experience and some personal research, I feel that NICU nursing could definitely be a career for me.

    Do you know how popular NICU is among new grads or how many positions are open? Do you have any idea what other qualities/skills they are looking for (i.e., NICU externship required)? Would you recommend I apply for the position, or opt for a something like Med/Surg at another Sharp hospital?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    ~bright-eyedRN :redpinkhe
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    Theres a rumor that there are thousands of applicants for a few hundred spots. This program is almost like applying to the California lottery lol.