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Senior Practicum in NICU

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    So I am in my last semester of my FOUR years of pre-nursing/nursing school. I'm getting ready to do my senior practicum in a little and I am about 99% sure that it will be in the NICU. I have been more interested in L&D than NICU, but really liked NICU as well and thats where there are spots available in the hospitals for practicum students, hence my position. So, this is why I am asking this question... I need to build my knowledge on NICU stuff before practicum so I can make a good impression... I have only had two shifts in NICU during OB clinicals, as most of them I had in L&D and mother/baby. Long story short, for any NICU nurses who may be able to help me: If you were precepting a practicum student, what would you want/expect them to know and what resources would you recommend that they read to be prepared ahead of time? Any advice/resources would be GREATLY appreciated.... this is my last time to be the "nervous nursing student" rather than the "nervous new graduate". THANKS A MILLION!!
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    Mods, could we maybe move this to the NICU section?

    When I precept almost-grads, I want them to be interested and willing to do things. It would be nice if they had a basic knowledge of normal neonatal behavior, but it wouldn't matter much if they didn't.

    Communicate well. Ask a million questions--if you don't understand what I'm teaching you, ask again until you do .

    Don't be afraid to learn new skills, but don't go off on your own; I'll keep a pretty close eye on you, especially at first, but you'll take ten years off my life if I turn around and find you're replacing an NG tube on a fresh post-op TEF patient .

    The NICU is different enough from areas you may have previously spent time in that I don't expect you to know a lot when you first come in. I'm more than happy to get you reading material that will help expand your knowledge--just ask me .

    I hope you enjoy your time in the NICU, I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.
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    NICU is so different from everything that I wouldn't expect a nursing student to know much of anything...except use supervision for everything! A good book to check out is Merenstein & Gardner's.. I'm not sure of the name but it will be in the sticky notes in the NICU forum.