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I have had shoulder pain for 14 months (fell down a hill ). Doctor suggests shoulder surgery (wants to look around for possible spurs or torn roator cuff that did not show up on MRI). I go back to MD on Friday, how do I ask for... Read More

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    it is expensive to get a second opionion because the initial visit is always more expensive and sometimes all they do on first visit is order tests and xrays
    get a new neuro in another group and ask him to call ortho guy, probably wouldn't hurt for you to call the ortho guy yourself and ask him what he suspected

    and i disagree with those who say that a good md wouldn't mind if a patient requested a second opionion...i have seen some very good mds get their nose out of joint when a patient requested 2n opinion
    i found this particularly true with foreign doctors, in many of the other countries they expect mds to be looked up and honored, their word is accepted w/o question

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    Quote from CHATSDALE
    it is expensive to get a second opionion because the initial visit is always more expensive and sometimes all they do on first visit is order tests and xrays
    It's real important to be upfront with the doc you're going to a second opinion for. When you call to make the appointment, tell them it's for a second opinion, and make sure you take copies of your medical record, and copies of all labs, films, and radiology readings. This is a pretty common reason for an office visit, especially in the surgical subspecialties, so likely the office will tell you all this when you make the appointment.
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    I am the OP of this thread and I just wanted to post an update.
    I was able to get a MA at the Neuro practice to talk to the original Neuro doctor who blew me off (remember the doorknob guy?) to "release me" as a pt. so that I could be seen by someone else in the practice. Remember our concern about another doctor being impartial in giving a second opinion? Well not to worry, I saw four other doctors in this same practice and NONE of them could agree! Some of the highlights in Dx: thoracic outlet syndrome, neuropathy, ect. Finally one of the Neuros told me that I was "at the end of the line" and needed to go to Pain Mnmt. That just kind of made me feel that they were giving up on me. Hello, Neurontin. But frankly with all the numbness and tingling and temp changes of my arm and the shoulder pain and the constant headaches I was willing to try it. I was concerned that after 9 doctors that I had not gotten the same Dx twice. When I got to the Pain Clinic I met with the NP first. She changed my life. She listened to me and spent 30 minutes with me. She "put her hands" on me and actually examined me. She felt around my neck and she said that I had the tightest scalenes that she had ever felt. She brought in the doctor that she worked with and her felt my neck and was shocked. The quote was "that must hurt like holy heck". No kidding. The two of them stayed with me and came up with the right Dx finally. TMJ. I did not have anything like that before but it must have developed after months of pain and PT after the fall down the hill (16 months by that point). The constant discomfort and inability to sleep was making me tense all the time and I was clenching my jaw and holding my neck toward the affected side for so many months that TMJ had developed. The doctor and the NP said that I should get the shoulder done and be treated for TMJ. They gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxant, and told me that they would "clear me" for the Ortho for shoulder surgery.
    I went to the Ortho and he couldn't wait to do my shoulder. In July, I had a subacromial decompression and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Six days after the surgery I felt like a million bucks. The doctor had written a prescription for shoulder rehab for 3X week for six weeks. I went after the PT and exercises so hard that I only needed 4 sessions. No one at PT could believe it. Now four months later my shoulder feels great and my TMJ is gone.
    The moral of the story is: Don't give up. Keep seeing doctors until you get someone to listen to you and help you. In my case the two different problems were confusing the doctors but in all honesty SOMEONE should have figured it our sooner.
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    On a personal level, I don't ask a doctor for a second opinon..I just get one.

    I also never get one from the group the first doctor was in, b/c another doctor will most likely not go against the medical opinion of another physician in that same group, so to me, that opinion would be worthless to seek.

    Just my

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