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Hi, thanks for reading! I'm currently having trouble with the decision to turn down admission to Johns Hopkins SON for an accelerated bachelor's. If I turn it down, I won't be paying 90K+ for a BSN (a pro). But I'll also have to... Read More

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    Thanks to all for your input. I'll just add to clarify: my total debt for JH (including interest) would be 90K (originial tuition costs ~ 62K). I already declined at VCU, which is why I would be waiting a year to go there, plus its a 2 yr. program instead of the 1 year at JH. After a year of working beforehand, I could graduate from VCU with minimal debt.

    To pshs_2000, thanks for your message! I can't pm you back, I think because I'm a new user, but your advice was very helpful, and I hope I answered some of the confusion above.

    Thanks again to everyone!:redpinkhe
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    Check out accelerated programs, i.e. Mass. Gen. has B.S. (other discipline) to R.N. in 14 mos. for a lot less $.
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    Man I feel so weird with my 9 thousand dollar nursing program :stone I guess I got the Geo Metro Education while some of ya'll are rocking the Cadillac Escalade Education :P

    I don't have any information on any of those schools but good luck in whatever you decide, with a degree in Neuro Science I am sure you will do just fine in either one
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