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Sample NLN Exams?!

  1. 0 Does anyone's school provide these?! I have seen them mentioned on other school sites and my school used to supply them but doesn't anymore. I would be willing to buy them from anyone who has access to sample questions. I already have the guide book. Thanks.
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    Well, The sample questions in the review guide by mcdonald are supposed to be from the old NLN exams. However....I have talked to a number of people who said that the stuff in the review guide is MUCH harder then the real thing. I did call the NLN and they said that you couldn't get copys of the old exam. I have also heard a number of people say that you can get ahold of the old copys. So I am not 100& sure about how to do it...I think its to late for me! Exam is next thursday :uhoh21:
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    Good luck!! I have heard the same thing. I called the NLN coprorate office yesterday and they said the only additional thing they offer is the few questions on their site. I have also heard people say they buy them, but can't find out where. lol

    My school said they used to offer samples, but don't any long. I have been using the guide and just last night bought the Allied Health guide. It has TONS of tests in it. Some we need and some we don't. It is $18 from Barnes & Noble so you may want to check it out. I am trying to work my way through it.
    Write abck and let me know how you did!! I bet you will do great!!