RN vs Sonography

  1. I have recently been considering a career change from Nutrition to either RN or sonography. I have a Masters in Nutrition but the jobs do not pay well and there is no real opportunity for advancement. I am currently bored to death in this field.

    Does anyone know the pay rate for sonographers? Is it as stressful as nursing? I have do a career and I am just trying to figure out the areas that are marketable and pay well also. I am currently only making $19-$20 an hour with 5 years experience. My CNA friends make just as much since most of the do doubles (2 shifts daily) or have two jobs and yet they have a high school diploma and a 2 months certification. It's rather frustrating after so many years of college. I always wish someone had adviced me to go for a Masters in Nursing instead of Nutrition. I would probably be making double.

    I am ready to start at the bottom if I find a promising career.

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  3. by   justme1972
    I looked at Sonography too, very, very closely, and here is what I found...this is just my personal experience.

    Sonography programs, are few and far between, and from my understanding, because of this, they have the same trouble getting students into the program as an RN program...more apply than they can accept.

    The pay rate, for sonography, is about the same for a non-specialized, bedside nurse.

    Here is something to consider....how many sonographers vs nurses can a hospital possibly employ?

    That sort of made my decision to stick with nursing...sonography is a very specialized major, and it doesn't generalize to other areas very well.
  4. by   HairCanada
    You can Get a "second degree option in Nursing" in 16 months at most major Universities,..I know that there are 4 programs in Detroit alone that offer this option... it is becoming a standard educational offering these days, as many educated proffesionals are switching into the practise.

    I do not know where you are located but..this might be an attractive option for you, it is a fast track type program with a heavy emphasis on clinicals, and could have you working in less than a year and a half....my cousin did it, ...now works at OSU and loves it!
  5. by   vamedic4
    I have quite another take on the situation. While I myself am a nursing student, one of my best friends is a sonographer and 1. owns her own company...making almost 6 figures/year.

    The need for sonographers is documented, and their "specialization" brings with it higher salaries. You can specialize in many areas as a sonographer, just as you can in nursing. And with each new specialty, you become more marketable.

    It's all in what interests you most.
  6. by   redshott
    i've been debating this very same thing...well, almost. i've considered sonography as well as radiation therapy vs. being an rn. i've decided i want to work pediatrics so i'm kind of leaning more towards a rn but in searching jobs, there are still more openings than i thought for rad tech/therapists.

    i found a website last night that has some salary info...it's from 2004 but still gives you an idea at least...helped me out!

    hope this helps and good luck! keep us informed as to your decision!
  7. by   jls1967
    I have a friend who, like you, has her RN and wanted more money. She completed an online program for Echo. Now, she is very happy as a traveling Echocardiographer. Currently, she is in northern California making $42/hour + car allowance + housing. SWEET! I do know that in different regions the pay can be as low as $20/hr, starting, to $35/hour, starting. So, to me, the opportunity is there especially if you have the abililty to travel.

    This is just an option you may want to explore.

    I hope this helps...even a little!! Good luck.