RN refresher course

  1. I'm looking for an RN refresher course in the Dallas area. Brookhaven college offers an online course with skills labs on campus twice a week. That would be great but I'm too late to enroll for the course that started this week and they don't have another one until June. Does anyone know of a reputable online course or any other colleges that offer refreshers? I'd like to get started soon.
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  3. by   Lacie
    Yes, Check out www.valenciaenterprises.org/health
    It's theory based on line but you have to set up a preceptor for clinical in your area. Cost is around $2000.00 though. I know Florida accepts this for re-entry RN's and also for NCLEX Remediation so assume you would have to submit it to your state or see if it's credited there. I know it's pretty extensive and friends of mine have highly recommended it.
  4. by   ljcj
    Thanks so much. I'll check it out.