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Hi Everyone! I graduated in Argentina 10 years ago, and I worked there as a NICU Lvl III RN for 4 years. Then, I moved to US, and it took me 3 1/2 years to learn English to be able to pass the... Read More

  1. by   SAHMnurse
    Sounds fishy to me too. Don't risk it.
  2. by   OCNRN63
    Run like the wind from this place.
  3. by   Lauren the RN
    Listen, this is all wrong.

    She'll get you a NICU job?!!?!?! GIMME A BREAK. Why would she do that? So, you'll work with her for a year, under a false license for less pay and then she'll hook you up with a different job? Makes no sense.

    Unless you can get the job title changed, do not take this. I know waiting over a year for a job is very influential on taking the first job offered to you, but just don't do it.
  4. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    You are being used. She is not doing you any favors.
  5. by   diva rn
    I absolutely agree with the former posters....
    first and foremost......There is NO NURSING SHORTAGE....and this lady knows this...or she is stupid, blind, deaf and dumb....and whoopy doo for her daughter and all of her "extra" shifts....ask her if her daughter is getting LVN pay or RN pay for those shifts????????

    she is clearly trying to take advantage of you.....
    second, you are a RN....and not a LVN..you will be held to the higher standard...she is trying to get a RN for less pay...
    and third...why would she and how could she get you a job in the NICU?????? What would be in it for her???

    Honey, just continue to look for a RN job. They are tight, obviously, as there is no shortage....but persist and you will find one. Don't sell yourself short and do not let this bottom feeding opportunist take advantage of you!!!!

    Look, this is not a very nice lady....she is not trying to help you....she is trying to save some money and not pay you what you are worth!!! Does that sound like a GOOD deal to you???

    To quote a famous movie...."Run Forrest, Run!!!!"
  6. by   Dixielee
    Just my 0.02 worth...if they are willing to let you work as an RN, sign your name as RN and pay you what ever you will allow, then maybe you are OK. But if they are willing to lie in the future for you saying you were working as an RN, then they are willing to lie to you now to suit their own needs. I agree it seems very fishy. You must be able to trust the integrity of your employer, and this one does not sound trustworthy.

    If she would lie about this, what else will she lie about? Will they forget to report your wages to the IRS, forget to take out taxes and leave you holding the bag. Will they falsify records to meet regulatory requirements?

    I know you really want a job, but be very very careful with this one.
  7. by   GimiRN
    Quote from witc
    Hi Everyone!

    I graduated in Argentina 10 years ago, and I worked there as a NICU Lvl III RN for 4 years. Then, I moved to US, and it took me 3 1/2 years to learn English to be able to pass the NCLEX, which I did 1 1/2 years ago.
    Ever since, I have been looking for a job, without any luck until now.

    Last Saturday I was introduced to a clinic's administrator. This lady could not believe that I hadn't been able to find a job given the "nursing shortage" in the country. She said her daughter, who is also an RN, has to turn down many shifts because she doesn't have time to work all the days the registry wants her to!

    The lady then offered me to work at her clinic as an LVN as they don't hire RN because of their budget. She said she could have me train in many different areas and get experience. Thus, after 6 months or a year, I will be able to start looking for an RN job. When that moment comes, she said that she will say I was actually an RN, so I won't get that "oh, but you still don't have RN experience" Also, she said that after a while, she might even be able to help me get into a NICU setting because of my previous experience in that field...

    As she was telling me all this, I could not believe what my ears were hearing. It sounds unreal, like a dream. I will go Sunday to get to know the place; I'll start training in Urgent Care

    OH!!!, WOW, I am so happy, so, so happy!!! I'll be wearing scrubs and working as a nurse again!!! yeah:
    If they don't hire RNs, how does she plan to pull this off? Will the two of you tell patients and co-workers you are an LPN? How will you be signing your name? I don't see how this will work.
    And the fact that she tells you she will lie for you, speaks volumes of her character. I wouldn't count on her keeping her word, once she got what she wanted out of you. Furthermore, if she is running a clinic, how does that give her the power to get you a hospital NICU position? If she has connections, why can't she try to get you in now? The whole thing sounds shady.
  8. by   witc
    Hello everyone!!

    It's been a while, but I thought I would give you an update. I read every one of your post, and I deeply appreciate all your input, concerns, and advices. I took all of them very seriously, and I brought the LVN/RN concern to this lady.
    When I completed the hiring paperwork, I wrote RN in the title. Later, I called human resources and asked if they were ok with the title and they said ok. In my first week, the MD's and administration held a meeting to which I was invited. The lady presented me as the new RN who was gonna be running a special project and would also train to be an urgent care nurse.
    So far so good. I see that this place might be taking advantage of my need for a job, so they will pay me a lot less than I should get paid, but as long as I get the experience as an RN, the money is not important for now. I can walk to my work, I am getting my hands-on experience, and I still make good money (much better than as a receptionist..
    This lady is a good person, which doesn't mean she's not a business woman. When she said she could get me in a NICU setting she meant that she's friends with a GYN MD who works at the hospital I eventually want to work at. She said she could put in a good word for me. Granted, it won't guarantee me a job in NICU, but how can she put in a Good word for me, if she doesn't know me as a nurse? I trust her and so does every one at the clinic.

    Again, I thank all of you who took the time to read my post and give me advice. If it weren't for you, I would have risked a lot.
  9. by   nursel56
    Thank you so much for returning to update us, witc! So glad it seems to be working out for you! As far as the pay thing, it's going to get harder and harder to get every single thing on our list just how we want it -- and moving forward with your life is a great cure for the depression! ☺☺☺
  10. by   Esme12
    I agree with nurse156....I wish you luck! I would still proceed with caution with this place but it must feel great to be working..
  11. by   SAHMnurse
    Thanks for the update! I agree with the others too. Best to you!
  12. by   witc
    Thank you for your support! it does feel great to be working as a nurse again