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Hello. I'm a second term nursing student, and I am truly upset. I don't understand how a hospital can layoff or turn down applicants for nursing jobs and then bring in nurses from other countries who have never been trained... Read More

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    While I can be upset at the thought of any hospital bringing in Nurse from another country when Nurses in this country do not have a job. I somewhat understand that if a hospital feels they are not able to hire enough qualified Nurses they will look elsewhere. Hospitals have often filled positioned outside of their own current employees. Why ? They must have felt those candidates in house did not meet the qualification they were looking. Sometimes, they simply want a fresh perspective on things so they hire someone from elsewhere in United States.

    The health care crisis is not about just not having enough Nurses. It is about having enough experienced qualified Nurses.

    During economic up times. Money is flush for new grad training programs in our hospitals. During economic down turn. Money starts to dry up. It is cheaper to hire an experience Nurse from overseas as opposed to a new grad Nurse. I wish it were not so. It is what it is.

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    Again, just because it is the law that nurses from overseas are to be paid the same wages as US nurses does not make it so.
    Corporations do not have any qualms about breaking this (and many other) laws.
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    Quote from Valerie Salva
    Again, just because it is the law that nurses from overseas are to be paid the same wages as US nurses does not make it so.
    Corporations do not have any qualms about breaking this (and many other) laws.
    I once had an extensive conversation with an RN (from another country) working for the same employer who was lamenting her rate of pay. I listened attentively and provided supportive input because I agreed that she was being treated like dirt. I didn't have the heart to tell her what my rate was; another low rate at that, but still within the acceptable range, for an LPN. At the time I felt that she was being taken advantage of because she was a relatively recent immigrant. That was until I transferred, and had the same employer offer even lower wages. I think some employers look for suckers wherever they can find them.
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    I wish to address Roy because he has some areas that concern me.

    First of all, the new nurses that are graduating are held to the same standard as the NCLEX many nurses in the past are. And if nurses from third world countries are to come and take these jobs, just because they can pass an NCLEX exam does not mean they are able to do the job proficiently.

    Many of my cilents have complained that they cannot understand their foreign nurse, or the nurse explained things wrong to them.

    Another point...wages. MANY MANY MANY companies, hospitals, etc. pay these workers less than Americans. Have you never known that? Even at Ford Motor Company where I work, there were ways of showing discrimination w/pay by not giving overtime, ect. If immigrants spoke up, Americans on both sides, Union and Mgmt. took a stand against them. I also know this is happening in the medical field. I'm surprised you are not aware of it. Another poster here also verified this.

    Also, if you allow persons who will accept ANYTHING to keep a job and stay in the land of the free, are you not cutting your own throat? Sooner or later, YOU are expendable. YOU will not allow yourself to be treated less than what you are worth will you? Well, your foreign counterpart usually will, because it is better than what they got.

    I am not making a WE and THEM post here. I am simply stating, if you have the talent and resources, then go ahead and come over. Save a life. Make a difference. Still, if the American student who has wanted their whole life to make a difference is not even allowed to come to NS because of inadequeate numbers of teaching staff, then why can't hospitals go back to the old traditions? Teach nursing themselves. It used to be teached by hospitals, nurses were trained on site. I think this could eleviate alot of the red tape in helping nursing students and pre-nursing students acheive their goals.
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