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  1. I am having a Reveal Loop Cardiac Monitor implanted on the 2oth. I have had several episodes of unexplained syncope and one when I was driving. Needless to say, I don't do that anymore. All tests were good but TT was inconclusive. Dr is worrried. So am I. Have ruled out everything else, Dr thinks we might be dealing with a possible infreaquent second pause that didn't show on the Halter.

    I am a CNA with almost 9 yrs of experience,so I can understand alot of the clinical jargon. I currently work Ortho/Neuro and Gen. Med/Surg. I worked over 2 years on a Cardiac care floor but only ever seen a few patients before the implantation of a monitor, and taken care of one pt after removal. We mostly did caths and CABGS. I can catch on quick to alot of cardiac talk as well, But that is not what I am looking for. I am looking for more personal experience about this and not just the facts and surgical info that I keep finding. I want to know from a persons POV not a study, KWIM? All I can find is cold clinical information on the facts and I am looking for real stories.

    This is what I want to know-- Has anyone ever had one implanted? Why? What were your limitations after the implantation at first? What did it feel like? Was their any changes to daily routines? Did it impact your daily life at all? Did you even notice it after a while? How do I explain it to patients when they ask about it? Do I ? Should I? What do I do about it at work? How did you handle the hand held device? Where did you keep it? Did you tell people at work about it?How long did you have it? What did you find out? Was it hard to remove? What does the scar look/feel like? How big is it? Does it fade? Is it noticable?

    I am getting a bit anxious about all of this and nervous and my OCD is getting the best of me so I am researching to feel better, LOL.

    Any advice from anyone with knowlage of this device in Cardiac would help too.
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    I did a google search and came up with the following:

    as well as others you may wish to look over.

    The device is fully implanted with a small incision.
    You will not see anything (except the incision - usually 2" long) after it's implanted.
    There is nothing to hold, to keep track of, to carry.
    No one else need know you have this in, so you may well not need to answer anyone's questions about it.
    You will be given further instructions after it's implanted (when to report symptoms, how to contact the company if you have questions, etc).

    As no one here is able to give you any medical advice, I urge you to contact your Cardiologist with questions about how long it will be implanted (time varies), how big the incision is, is it hard to remove, etc.

    Good luck to you!