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I had a conversation the other night with a co-worker. I experienced our conversation as innocuous at the beginning, but soon realized that what my co-worker was doing was “fishing” for information. I wanted deeply to trust my... Read More

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    AND watch what you say because you never know who's going to hear it!

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    Although your words are beautiful in type they are only semantics. This paragraph seems to be a nice way to detract from your ill judgement. I feel that your post is only another attempt to soothe your on guilty conscience. Why not say what you mean clearly and easily, so you don't end up in this situation again. 'You made a mistake, you feel bad, and you are sorry.' I know it is not as poetic but it makes life in all of our "universe" a lot simpler.
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    I dont understand the intent of people who fish. I don't understandn what joy they recieve from hurting other people.
    So this fisherperson hurt you and someone else with her gossip.
    This is the kind of stuff I am avoiding at work. Some of these nurses thrive on that. If I am asked my opinion about someone I make sure it is positive (even if its a lie) and I use these people to spread messages. Only what I want others to know. But you can count on your words being changed around. If you say that assistant didnt do anything tonight it will be changed to ...that assistant doesnt do anything.
    I don't trust anyone on my floor. It makes it so much harder because there is nobody to talk to when I really need to unload.
    Thats one reason I am so glad I found this forum.
    It's nearly impossible to talk to lay people because they just dont understand.

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