Read this plz!!! Coughing for 1 week

  1. My name is exavier as u see n im 18. Today i just graduated from high school. As planned i was going to a party later in the afternoon but decided not to. my mom has been having severe coughing n flem for the past week. i guess its a strep throat. the problem is that she's been taking cough drops, cough syrup, Halls, honey n lemon tea/water, but yet shes still in pain. shes complaining now that its really hurts when she coughs. she says its like stickers in her throat. If anyone can help or suggest anything plz go for it. I just graduated today n feel my mom is more important than going out to celebrate. so if anything, plz help. Thank You. Class of 2013
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Your mother needs to seek medical attention either from primary care physician/NP or urgent care clinic--many located at Walgreens or CVS pharmacy since 1 week self care not working.

    Per our Terms Of Service we can not provide individual advice. Best wishes for quick healing.