Questions about Nicotine/Cotinine Tests

  1. Today (Thanksgiving) I am so thankful for so many blessings! One of those blessings includes this site, where I have vented, been informed and asked so many questions over the past couple of years! Thanks to all who have supported and responded to my sometimes "tiring" posts-lol.

    Today's questions is this: I have read many posts (dating back over a year) with regards to the testing for nicotine/cotinine levels for jobs in mostly the hospitals, due to the "no smoking/tobacco" policies. I have not read, however, any actual responses from those who had quit for 3-4 days, and the outcome of their tests.

    I have been a light/stress smoker for about 10 years (started in my 40's...grrrr). I recognize it is a nasty, filthy habit. I only smoke at home, in the corner of my basement...not in public, not in my car, never while working, etc. God is the center of my life and have been praying over the last month for strength and determination to quit smoking. I have reduced the nicotine levels from 8 cigs a day to 4 a day, in attempts to finally put them down, without any huge withdrawal symptoms. Well, God does have a sense of humor, because last week I received a call from a hospital with a new hospice in-patient unit, asking me to interview. The interview was successful, but did not delve into my personal bad habits. I am a good person with a BAD habit, trying to get better at my life. Not a BAD person. I have been doing hospice work for a couple of years now, which takes me into patient's homes.....yes, smoking homes. I currently caregive for my elderly parents, with a mom who is a heavy smoker in her early 80's. In other words, I will not be able to change her habits, after all these years, even while I'm in her home.

    So today, I am asking anyone who has undergone the nicotine/cotinine testing the following questions: Do the hospitals test by urine, blood or saliva? If by urine, has anyone quit for 3-4 days, with a passing result? I plan to be honest, either way, because honesty is the best policy. My "plan" was to drop to the lowest patch to finally break the hand-and-mouth part, but now that will not be an option. Will be expecting an interview with HR "sometime" next week...don't know if that includes testing or not. Also, I have not discussed or been officially offered the position. I am, however, very passionate about the opportunity of the job...and the quitting smoking

    I am not trying to "cheat" the system. I do plan on being smoke-free for my own benefit. I still do believe it is crazy to tell anyone what they can and cannot do in their own homes, but as you can see I don't live in a glass house, so I do not throw stones. I would truly appreciate any answers/advice to this ongoing and in some places, upcoming question.

    Thanks to all, once again, for taking the time to read my lengthy question(s)!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving day! (I am working today).
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