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Wondering how other facilities deal with narcs missing at the end of the shift. We do not have a pyxxis machine, use blister packs kept in a locked area, several nurses get meds out during the shift, and have 2 nurses do narc... Read More

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    I'll divulge a little more info - it gets really hard to try to stay anonymous on this forum sometimes! I'm pretty new at this job, and I've always previously used pyxis machines so it was very limited to the number of nurses who could have been involved in any narc discrepancies and those discrepancies were always easily resolved in the past (altho I heard one nurse got caught diverting pt meds and some nurses seemed quite offended when I actually wanted to witness them wasting narcs). I was shocked at the lax style of dealing with narc counts and narc keys when I started work at my current job. But this is a very small facility where I work with a small number of nurses and was told they don't have problems with narc counts - which has been the case. But soon after this traveler nurse started, the narc count was off and could not be accounted for by forgetting to chart giving a narc, giving the wrong narc, a narc falling out of those fragile blister packs, etc, etc. I've worked with the other regular nurses on enough shifts to feel very comfortable with them and that includes the nurses who worked that shift. This traveler nurse is "strange" in many ways and also acts suspicious regarding the narc count in ways other regular nurses that worked the shift in question do not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to deal with this situation. I am VERY careful with this traveller nurse when we work together. Again, any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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