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Hi all! I am at a crossroads here. I graduated with a bachelors degree a few years ago in business and psychology. I contemplated many times while in college doing nursing but was talked out of it by family/friends (I dont have... Read More

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    I am really surprised by these posts.Where I am you don't generally work nights unless you want to.I am working with about 8 new grads and none of them are on nights.
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    Almost all of our open positions are on nights. As day and evening positions open up, night people who want to move do. Many units also do 50% rotation days/nights.
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    I am a new nurse and just started my first job in March.. I didn't know until a couple weeks ago all of my co-nurses had started out on nights and were shocked I had started out on AM shift.. Anyways it is possible to get a day schedule, but its better to be flexible when applying especially if you are a new grad. I stated on my application I would take any shift, weekends, holidays etc because I wanted to get hired lol. I work 3-11's here and there which I actually dislike a lot, but I do it because its my job and I am thankful for even being hired! As far as the sleep thing I have had insomnia on and off for years now.. I cut out caffiene after 2:00 p.m. and on impossible nights tylenol pm is my best friend
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    If you want to go into nursing, then go into nursing. I would just be open to the possibility of working nights - if that would be an instant "no" for you if you had to work overnights, I would suggest not going into nursing - or being willing to wait for a job (IE: year+) I took overnights because my FTE was higher. There are quite a few new grads that were put on evenings and a few on days.

    Not a direct question from you, but I do take sleeping aids to get to sleep on my nights off. I have tried numerous different medications and am currently on Trazodone. Regardless of day/night, I always sleep with the little blinders thing on, have to have it cool and have to have some sort of air flow. You get used to it.
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    My unit just hired three new grads for days 6:30a - 7:00p. Hardly anyone from our night crew leaves or goes to the day shift.
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    As you can see by the responses, it really just depends on where you choose to work and it boils down to the needs of the institution. I agree with the poster that said getting through nursing school is enough for now and worry about everything else later. Acute care nursing is a 24/7 job and people get sick on weekends and holidays as well, so I just say be open for anything if you really want to be a nurse. Good luck in your decision
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    I will say, I wouldn't get completely discouraged about finding a day position, while they are rare, they DO exist. You may not get your first choice of department..ect..but I would say put in as many applications as possible, and if you are able to move..then your chances of getting a day position are even better. I have never worked nights. I started out as an Nurse Tech on Days, and then when I became a Nurse I work Evenings, which is 2-10. But I don't work nights.
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    Also, if hospital nursing is not your thing (And you want to work days, no holidays), there are usually openenings at a Dr's Office as well. I know the pay is (generally) a little less at the office, but if you want more manageable hours that could be a good option for you. I do agree that being flexible in nursing is a good thing (I work in a hospital, do holidays..ect..) BUT if you know your body and you know doing nights isn't your thing, then there are still options for you.

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