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How many Nurses use a pulsatile, or "push-pause" flush when flushing an IV- either central or peripheral? Whichever method you use (pulsatile or continuous) was this how you were taught, something... Read More

  1. by   Anna Flaxis
    Quote from MunoRN
    That's actually a reason why I'm asking, the Infusion Nursing Society appears to be opposed to pulsatile flushing, although I'm not clear why.
    Really? When did that change?
  2. by   MunoRN
    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Really? When did that change?
    This is Lynn Hadaway's view on the subject, Lynn writes many of the INS standards:
    " I will not support this practice in any way and will continue to educate about the lack of science and it questionable impact on VADs. Also, the INS standards do not support this practice. Lynn"

    I'm still not clear if they are opposed to it or just don't support it due to lack of evidence either way. The INS frequently makes recommendations that are purely theory based and without any evidence, so it would seem this position is due to some form of opposition to the practice rather than a lack of available research.
  3. by   Anna Flaxis
    Ah, I must have misunderstood. I'm guessing our facility's policy on push-pause for CVCs must be based on manufacturer recommendation, then.

    Anyway, I've noticed that after a blood draw, continuous flushing does not clear the line of blood, but push-pause does.