Prophecy Test HELP!

  1. I'm trying to get into a very competitive new grad program. I initially did poorly on the Interpersonal assessment and I need to improve. They use the Prophecy test.

    Anyone take this assessment and get hired?
    They show a situational video and then ask what's the most effective response, what's the least effective response?

    They give situations where there's been a med error, the doctor is rude to the nurse in front of a patient, family ask nurse to not tell patient a negative diagnosis. Etc.

    Any advice? I'm not looking for opinions on the efficacy of this test etc...just help. Please.
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    It sounds like you might benefit from brushing up on:
    Healthcare Ethics: 6 Ethical Principles of Nursing | Wilkes Nursing Online
    Just Culture:
    Professional Conduct:

    Patient safety comes first (immediately speak up politely but assertively if you see something that compromises patient safety). Always be respectful (address inappropriate behavior immediately but save coaching/counseling until the patient isn't present). Legal and ethical principles prevail over the desire of the family (Patient Bill of Rights, HIPAA compliance, etc.).